Stallion Property Maintenance - Calgary - Sand & Salt Applications (Parking Lot)

Sand & Salt Applications (Parking Lot)

Our sand and salt applications are available for any size property. From small parking lots to larger office centers and industrial properties, we have you covered for all of your snow removal and salt / sand application needs.

We offer just salt, just sand, or a combination spread.

When paired with our ice check service, as well as our snow clearing service, you can ensure your property is safe and clear all winter.

Our salt and sand applications are both economical and effective at maintaining your property before and after each snow fall.

We offer free quotes and consultation on all projects and we would love to come take a tour of your property and help resolve any challenges you have over the winter. Contact us today for a free quote.

  • Salt Spreading
  • Sand Spreading
  • Daily Ice Check Service
  • Salt and Sand Mix Spreading
  • Snow Clearing
  • Snow Hauling and removal
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