Stallion Property Maintenance - Calgary - Daily Ice Check Service

Daily Ice Check Service

At Stallion Property Maintenance we strongly recommend (especially for all commercial properties) a daily ice check service paired with snow removal services.

No matter the size of your property, large or small, we can offer a daily ice check service to help reduce or completely eliminate the chance of a slip and fall accident.

Traditionally this service is focused on entrances and immediately adjacent to entrances, sidewalks. We highly suggest that this service is set up for any and all pedestrian walkways but also for parking lots.

This service also allows us to monitor the winter months how drainage is occurring on your property and it allows us to report for the spring where we can help grade and handle drainage to reduce the issues for the following winters to come.

  • Ice Checks and Reporting
  • Salt and Sand Applications
  • Snow Removal
  • Ice Removal
  • Pedestrian Walkway Clearing
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