Stallion Property Maintenance - Calgary - Garbage Removal & Disposal Service (Construction Cleans)

Garbage Removal & Disposal Service (Construction Cleans)

Garbage Removal and Disposal Services are offered for all commercial, industrial, retail, and condominium property owners.

Our garbage removal service is normally scheduled but we also offer one-time pickup services for reasons such as construction cleanups or just as simple as instances where there is above average garbage and waste outside of the normally scheduled pickup.

We offer large bin pickup and maintenance but also small litter bin pickup and maintenance.

If your property requires easier access to public waste disposal we also offer commercial bins to be delivered and maintained on a regular schedule.

Quite often, we pair this service with our litter pickup service.

  • One Time Garbage and Waste Removal
  • Scheduled Garbage and Waste Removal
  • Litter Pickup Service
  • Small Bin Dumping and Bagging
  • Large Bin Pickup
  • Garbage Bin Supply
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