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Irrigation Maintenance, Repairs & Winterization

As we all know, irrigation is critical to larger properties and maintaining the landscaping.

Especially with Calgary Winters, regular maintenance and winterization of your property’s irrigation are extremely important.

Our team at Stallion Property Maintenance offers full servicing of your irrigation systems, no matter how large or small the property size is. We ensure that no only is the system not leaking but that the heads are fully optimized and functioning properly.

If your property is close to roadways or popular sidewalks, it is unfortunately quite common that regular damage or misalignment occurs due to pedestrians or vehicles veering off of the normal path/road.

Our team will ensure your irrigation heads are properly aligned, optimized for timing, and in great working condition.

Our quotes and consultation are always free. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your property’s irrigation systems.

  • Irrigation Allignment
  • Irrigation Leak Checks
  • Pressure Balancing
  • Irrigation Head Replacement
  • Irrigation Winterization
  • Irrigation Optimization
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