Stallion Property Maintenance - Calgary - Property Clean-Up (Leaf, Plant, Gravel, Etc)

Property Clean-Up (Leaf, Plant, Gravel, Etc)

At Stallion Property Maintenance, we are able to service any size property with ground cleanup, for organic material and gravel. If garbage and litter cleanup is more what you are looking for, click here to see more information on Litter Pickup.

Our property cleanup service for organic material and gravel can either be hired for smaller hand serviceable properties or for larger machine driven maintenance.

Our property cleanup can be booked for any recurring schedule. Whether you just need a one time seasonal clean in the fall or if you require monthly maintenance, we can help keep your property looking fresh and clean.

Removing organic material around around landscaping goes much further than just the aesthetic differences and is essential for helping to reduce pests and improving the health of the other plant life around the area.

Stallion Property Maintenance offers free consultations and quotes for all properties. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your property grounds in immaculate condition.

  • Leaf Pickup
  • Dead Small Plant Removal
  • Gravel Cleanup from Grass and Solid Surfaces
  • Mud Cleanup From Drives and Parking
  • Fallen Tree Limb Removal
  • Non-Perennial Plant Cleanup
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