Stallion Property Maintenance - Calgary - Commercial and Industrial Parking Lot Snow Clearing

Commercial and Industrial Parking Lot Snow Clearing

At Stallion Property Maintenance, by far our most popular service is snow clearing for industrial, commercial and condominium properties.

Most of our winter months are spent clearing lots, salting and sanding, hauling snow and preventing / removing ice buildups.

We offer snow clearing and dumping on-site in designated areas but we also offer hauling and complete removal of snow which is the best way, especially in Calgary with our chinook weather, to help reduce ice build-up along the property line.

All of our consultation and quotes are free of charge and we would love to review your property with you and figure out a plan for appropriate snow removal for the winter months. Contact us today to get started.

  • Snow Removal
  • Salting and Sanding
  • Snow Hauling off Property
  • Ice Check Services
  • Ice Removal
  • Ice Prevention
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